Finding Academic Partners

Finding Academic Partners

Satellite Applications Catapult Knowledge Exchange

The Satellite Applications Catapult supports the exchange of knowledge between businesses and universities by enabling collaboration in a number of ways. The Catapult is building a knowledge base of Space related research taking place within the UK, and then connecting the experts who are doing this research with businesses who can utilise their knowledge and skills to create new technologies and develop new products and services.

The Catapult fosters university and business partnerships through: workshops and events, Knowledge Exchange Fellows embedded within Universities, Centres of Excellence in Satellite Applications, PhD and MSc student support, internships, placements and secondments.


Gateway to Research

Provides a mechanism for businesses and other interested parties to identify potential partners in universities to develop and commercialise knowledge, and maximise the impact of publicly funded research. The data on this website provides information about publications, people, organisations and outcomes relating to research projects funded by Innovate UK ( and the UK Government Research Councils.

Once you have identified your academic partner visit their industry engagement webpages to find out how the business development teams at the university can help to support you.


Knowledge Transfer Networks

The KTN is the UK’s innovation network and brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, academics and funders to develop new products, processes and services.

The Space Community of the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) aims to connect the spectrum of space related activities across the Space Innovation and Growth Team (IGT) and the KTN as a way of fostering a community that spans Government, Industry and Academia.

The KTN can help you develop ideas, expertise and technologies, that have the potential to be world-beating products processes and services. Central to what the KTN do is the initiation and building of collaborations.

Joining the KTN network is free. It is a great way to find out Information about Innovate UK and national funding programmes, events and to learn about current information around tech-related trends within the Space industry.