Access to Data

Access to Data

Monitoring operational environments from Space requires a robust and sustainable data supply. With new policies on data access, applications and services can be created that harness the significant power of data assets. But for this ecosystem to flourish, access to the raw data is essential.

Data Discovery Hub

The Satellite Applications Catapult, together with the UK Space Agency, offers a data hub that makes it straightforward to identify and access a broad range of satellite data that can be used for evidence-based decision making, information gathering and environment monitoring. The Data Discovery Hub lists both open and licenced data sets. If you would like to find out more about the Data Discovery Hub, please visit or email

Sentinel Data Access Service

The Sentinel Data Access Service (SEDAS) has been designed to make Sentinel satellite data sets easily available within the academic, public sector and industrial communities who were previously limited to accessing data via a small number of highly contended and limited bandwidth portals provided by ESA.

The national interface is a premium web-based experience through which end-users can learn about, discover and review Earth observation data, including and emphasising Sentinel data. It also includes educational content, news and discussion forums; as well as access to a traditional Earth observation data catalogue.

The goal for the national interface is to be relevant to expert and non-expert users alike, permitting users at all levels of experience to access and use EO data.  This platform will be available from July 2015 and we will update the website with details of accessing it in due course.


The Satellite Applications Catapult, in collaboration with CEDA, offers a unique Earth Observation (EO) facility – Climate, Environment and Monitoring from Space (CEMS). This is a purpose-built facility offering space-based climate change and EO data and services. CEMS is designed to give users access to extensive data holdings and a range of applications, tools and services that help them analyse this data more effectively. To facilitate this, CEMS provides users with a virtualised environment allowing easy access to CEMS data and various associated services. CEMS also provides consultancy services offering expert advice from a panel of climate and EO experts across both the commercial and academic sectors.

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